Come and enjoy fun & games for your birthday party ...

NEW UV or SCORPION FOOTBALL PARTIES With 90 minutes of fun filled on pitch action in one of our safe, fully enclosed Scorpion football arenas, this is the Ultimate Football Party for any football Fan. Children are put into teams of approx. 5, they then take to the arena with football themed music under disco lights (Scorpion) or UV lights to compete against the other teams.
SPORTS PARTIES IOur sports parties are great fun and very popular, the sports can include, Dodgeball, Football, Basketball, Tennis and Tag Rugby. For the two hours the children will be kept entertained by one of our Elite Sports staff members. If you can’t decide on a particular sport then why not Mix and Match. (We don’t recommend any more than two Sports for a 2 hour party)The parties include Party invites, Party Bags and a gift for the birthday boy/girl
Base camp is an extremely fun activity which is played outdoors, The children are grouped into two teams, under the carful supervision of an Elite sports Sargent they need to work together as a team to Build a Base with the equipment supplied.(on the Ground) after a short break the games can begin, the aim is to work as a team to capture the flag from you opponents Base and safely return it to you own. Children get the option of face paint to make the activity more authentic.
This is a great Party for any Nerf enthusiast, The Children are put into two where they compete against around our Army designed Battle field. They play nerf designed games such as capture the flag and Command and conquer. Children have the option to have army face paint to make the activity feel more authentic, we also encourage children to bring their own Nerf guns as this activity is what they have been running around the house practicing for.
Choose from any of the above OR why not MIX & MATCH?

All our parties are 2 hours long, we have lots of venues across Essex where we can hold one of our parties, we take care of everything including booking the venue which make having a party with us a piece of cake.
(Scorpion football is only available at our Wickford venue)
To book one of our parties all you need to do is complete an application form for the chosen activity, send it back with a 20.00 deposit once received you party is all booked

A gift for the birthday boy/girl, certificate of attendance, qualified coaches, party bags, maximum of 20 children.
Please also see our INFLATABLES page for details of our inflatable games for hire.

Sports party booking form
, Base camp party booking form,
NERF WARS party booking form